Signs Of Corruption

When the topic of “school corruption” comes up, most people think of the cover up by school officials for inappropriate behavior with a student, but there is more to be aware of than just protecting your children from predators.

Here are just a few areas which many parents overlook and in many cases may not be aware of:

  • Verbal abuse by coaches and teachers
  • Mishandling of funds generated through fundraisers
  • School Board’s unwillingness to investigate allegations or share information

The purpose of is to bring awareness to parents around the country about the signs of school corruption and steps parents can take to address the potential problem.

Help us make it a law that schools will be investigated and held accountable when corruption is suspected.

Citizens should keep an eye on their local government. It is our duty as parents to protect our children and school districts.

Share your story or testimony of corruption with us now!

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